Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prompt, First Line & Question

How did you do with last week's prompt and first line?  Did it kick-start your writing or give you something to play with?

This week's prompt is something I heard on the radio the other day.  I don't remember who used it, but it has stuck with me so I'm sharing it with you.

Write about a button.

Crazy idea, eh?  Try it on.  Sit with it for awhile, or jump right in and start writing.  It may be surprising what will come from writing about a button.

First line:

"Nathaniel, stop biting the dog."


Monday's blog post talked about, what I consider, the dreaded adverb.  And if you read the post, you know that I don't like them ... hate is a strong word ... but, I would say that I hate them.

What about you?  When you are reading, is there anything that stops you?  Something that makes you crazy? An adverb, a misspelled word, a comma in the wrong place? 

This really intrigues me, so please share.


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