Friday, October 15, 2010

Different direction

I'm back, again.  My plan for getting help from a book coach didn't work out so well.  It wasn't her fault, I just wasn't ready to commit.  So back at the drawing board I decided to take an online blogging class.  When it comes to blogging (in case you hadn't notice), I don't know very much and am hoping this will help me learn.  I started the class a week late and feel like the new kid in school, hanging around the edges of recess, kicking at the dirt and wishing I was a part of the group.  So today, I put aside some time and read all the posts, lectures, assignments, etc., and stepped forward. Time to get busy.

My assignment is to blog about my new focus.  Here goes:  In my experience with writers I have found a similarity most of us have -- the dreaded gremlin.  It often comes in disguise as "writers block," but in reality is just mean negativity.  With my blog, I want to provide suggestions on how to overcome these little and big varmints, and then provide support for when they weasel their way back in. 

Also, in an article on blogging, this line stood out to me:  "it is best to blog about what you are passionate about."  What am I passionate about?  Writing.  I get such a high when a writer I'm working with gets in the writing groove.  It is amazing how gratifying that is to me.  So that is going to be the focus for this blog.  I will be providing tips and tricks on how to overcome your gremlins, and offering information on writing, publishing and what comes in between.  Maybe I'll even post some interviews occasionally.

There is more I need to learn through this blogging class, but stay with me. I believe the best is yet to come.